Live Free, Love South

About Tribe South

Live Free,

Love South


We design quality apparel that let you show off your attitude and your love of the South. Our faith, family and friends are what makes the South special. With Tribe South, you’re part of something bigger, connected to the spirit of the South.

From the beaches on the coast to the lakes in the Blue Ridge mountains, our brand symbolizes what we all love and respect about our Southern way of life. Tribe South brings you apparel that not only embraces your roots but also celebrates what makes us unique.

Whether you’re from the south or just visiting, our journey is rooted in Southern hospitality, the strength of community, and the values that we stand for – Resilience, Faith, and the Spirit of the South.

“We stand for freedom. We embrace self-reliance. We cherish our Christian values.” Welcome to Tribe South – Wear your Southern pride.